About Your Directors

Lucas & Emma Jofre

Lucas and Emma Jofre are newlyweds with a mission from God for music and worship ministry. Lucas and Emma live together in San Pedro and have been serving at CCC since 2017 and 2018 respectively. Both have a heart after the Lord and a strong call to minister, especially to children. They have no children of their own at this time, but they do hope to become parents in the future as well as to foster children if the Lord allows. Lucas and Emma are both proficient in both English and Spanish.

Lucas grew up in Argentina and was involved in the Christian church from a young age,  both of his parents in ministry for most of his life. He grew up among mass revival in his home town of San Juan in the mountains of Argentina, and received the baptism of the Holy Spirit at the age of just 8 years old. He attended bible school for most of his childhood and has a deep knowledge of the Word of God. He has had a burning passion for music since childhood and received his first electric bass at the age of 13. After high school he went on to study at the Conservatory of Music in Argentina for 5 years, playing the upright bass in the San Juan symphonic and touring South America with the Meco-sur symphonic. Lucas was very successful at the conservatory, his teachers said he had a natural gift, but he knew that God was calling him out to pastures new. He continued his electric bass playing in Argentina for a while, until at the age of 27 he left home in search of his true musical calling. He traveled and toured around both Europe and Asia, playing with top names such as Bertie Higgins and Brooks Giles. During this time Lucas landed employment as band leader at one of the top hotels in Beijing, China for 6 years. The hotel lounge Lucas was based in for the last 2 years of his stint in China, Atmosphere, was located at the top of the tallest building in Beijing. During his time there, God used Lucas to literally change the atmosphere of the hotel, as well as parts of China. Upon leaving he not only had the honor to lead his best friend to the Lord (among so many others in China) but he also left behind a fully Christian band after beginning his time there as the only Christian on the team. During his time in China Lucas also served at an English speaking church and set up a Spanish service which grew exponentially and continues today. When Lucas first landed in the US, he spent his first 6 months at Bethel church in Redding where he worked as a volunteer and got to soak up all of God’s goodness there. He brings Bethel culture to CCC. Lucas has a strong Evangelical calling and carries with him the presence of the Lord in a mighty way. He has been teaching music to children, teenagers and adults throughout his career for around 20 years now and is still on the lifelong journey of learning to constantly grow in his spirit and his God given talents.

Emma grew up in a small village in the heart of North Yorkshire, England. She comes from a musical family on both sides and has always had a passion for music. She played various instruments as a child and finally found the confidence to unleash her voice at the age of 20. She took lessons for a few years and sang and played guitar in various bands for around a decade before finding the courage to finally pursue a career in music. She began to attend community college in order to embark upon the journey towards a Bachelors degree in Music Therapy. Emma had wonderful praying grandparents on her mothers side, but no significant religious upbringing from her parents. However shortly after meeting Lucas, she had an unexplainable encounter with Jesus which led her to leave behind her life in the SF bay area and follow where she felt the Lord calling her. This happened to be L.A. to join Community Christian Church and to pursue her relationship with both the Lord, and Lucas. And it was good. Through more encounters with Jesus, trips to Bethel with her love, her hunger for learning the Word and her supportive and nourishing CCC family, the Lord has miraculously been transforming Emma from the inside out. And He continues still, gently nipping away at the unnecessary parts of her being, one at a time as He transforms her into the woman He had designed before she was even born. She is now close to completing her AA in Music as a voice major at Los Angeles Harbor College. And plans to go on to study music therapy at Northridge university God willing. She sings 1st Soprano in the college choir and performs with fellow students and professors on extra projects as they come. Emma has also been singing with and playing piano on the CCC worship team since joining the church in 2018.