The Logistics

Age range

Minimum age 6yrs – maximum 107 yrs!

Class time

At CCC’s SOW we desire to draw excellence out of our students, and for this reason we expect everyone to be on time and fully prepared for each class. A good guide to help you with this is aim to be in the room and ready for class 10 minutes before the listed start time. If you have to wait to get in to the room, you’re on the right track! This will give you the chance to be both physically and mentally prepared when class begins. Take the extra time you have to warm up your body and get in the spirit of worship, or to get to know your class mates! Please check the schedule to see what time your first class starts and plan accordingly.

Materials you need

We will provide handouts of material covered each lesson so we recommend you to purchase some kind of ring binder or folder to stay organized. We also ask that you bring a lined notebook or looseleaf paper, as well as a pencil and an eraser.


At this time we are offering lessons in Voice, Piano, Guitar and Bass. We do hope to expand this in the future so if you are looking to learn another instrument please talk to us and we will see what can be arranged.


Please bring your voice to class 😉 We recommend you are well hydrated and well rested for optimal voice performance. Please bring a sealed water bottle in order to stay hydrated throughout class. If you do not have an appropriate place to practice at home there will be opportunity to sign up for practice time at CCC.


We will have limited keyboards for lesson times. If you have a portable keyboard you are welcome to bring it along with some headphones. We recommend having a piano or keyboard at home for practice, but if this is not possible right now there will be opportunity to sign up for practice time on a keyboard/piano at the church on a first come first served basis.


You will need to bring your own bass/guitar for lesson times. If you need help purchasing one at a reasonable price please get in touch and we can help you with that. There will be opportunity to sign up for practice time at CCC and use the church’s bass/guitar and amp.

In essence…

We recommend that you have your own instrument at home to practice, as well as to bring to lessons, but if this is proving difficult please talk to us and we will work with you to help find solutions. We will have at least one of each instrument you can use for practice time available on a first come first served basis. There will be a calendar on which you can book 15 minute time slots so as to keep your practice time and your progress moving steadily along.