These **words appeared to me as “banners” in a dream on 09/07/20.  What they meant was explained to me by the Spirit of God while I was still asleep.  What to write about them came to me in segments during the following week.



As Americans, we are to be “informed citizens.”  As Christians, we are to vote our “Biblical Principles.”

*Voting along a “party line” is dangerous because it leads to “group think” behavior and parties change their ideals and objectives (as is very evident today).  Vote No on Party.

*Voting for a “personality” is irresponsible.  Throughout history, many leaders/dictators/royalty have been articulate, charming, charismatic, motivating, inspiring, hypocritical, corrupt and evil.  Vote no on Personality.

IMPORTANT:  There is NO perfect candidate!  There are NO perfect people.  We are electing “civic leaders” not pastors or counselors and certainly not babysitters.

Anyone who spreads the incorrect, perverse notion that “politics is dirty and Christians shouldn’t be involved with politics” doesn’t know history, didn’t read the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, the Preamble and probably not the Bible!  This message of “non-involvement” came right out of the Devil’s playbook!

We have been given Biblical principles, and we are to use them for every part of our everyday life, including how to vote!

*Research the candidate’s “Platform.”  What do they stand for?  Their “Policies” should dictate and match their behaviors, not what they say!  A “Platform/Policy” is evident and measurable.

*”Principles.”  What do they believe in that is verifiable by their actions, not their words?  Do these “principles” line up with God’s Word?

While there are many topics tossed around during a campaign, here are a few that as a believer in God’s Word that should be considered.   Of course, this is not comprehensive, but if you use just these topics listed as your criteria for voting, I believe your decision will be clearer and easier to make.

Always remember that as Christians that believe the Word of God as His inspired Word for us, politics should not divide us, not drive up our blood pressure or cause us to “unlike” each other.

Do your own research.  Check out past behaviors, decisions, and actions.  Read the platforms; 3-minute news snippets are rarely credible.

Finally, check out who is supporting them.  Forget the crazies!  Follow the money.  Find out who is connected to who!

Parts of our nation are in true turmoil.  Rioting, burning, looting, assaults, killings, lawlessness and a disrespect for the law can all be found in spots around America.  

*What position does God hold in the political platform?  Is He excluded (Pledge of Allegiance, sporting events, conventions, etc.)?

*What is the platform on “law and order?”  Why is every city that is experiencing intense or prolonged rioting governed by people with the same political affiliations?  Yes, this is true; check it out.

*Abortions.  Why does pro-choice mean a baby dies?  God calls the shedding of innocent blood an abomination!

*Does the candidate recognize Israel’s right to independence and land?  Do they support Israel’s sovereignty or their right to defend themselves?

*Our nation was founded on Judeo-Christian principles.  Does the candidate endorse that?  

*The “family” was designed by God Himself.  Does the candidate’s platform endorse and encourage this (such as parental responsibility, a say-so in the child’s education, eliminates “secret” abortions, includes the Bible and prayer in school, encourages a traditional marriage, does not require gender confusion curriculum, etc.)?

Only Jesus can bring true peace.  Only true repentance and a cry for God to have mercy on us will get us through.  

Remember that from here to November 3rd, we are praying:

            1.  for our Nation

            2.  for our leaders

            3.  for the election

            4.  for the peace of Israel

            5.  for the salvation of the Jewish people

Pray daily, read the Word daily, listen and pay attention to what God is telling you, daily.  Worship daily.

This is not the time to cut back; this is the time to increase our prayers!

I count you twice,


P.S.  I am including a list of scripture for you to review and spend time in.  Do so with intent and seek His wisdom.  

Exodus 20:13 ESV

Psalms 139:13-16 ESV

Proverbs 6:16-17 ESV/AMP

Psalms 2:10-11 AMP/NKJV

Proverbs 11:14 AMP/NKJV

1 Timothy 2:1-2 AMP/NKJV

2 Chronicles 7:14 AMP/NKJV

Proverbs 11:11 AMP/NKJV

Daniel 2:20-21 NKJV

Malachi 4:5-6 NKJV

Mathew 25:31-33 NKJV