Dear CCC Family and Friends,

My hope is that this note finds you and your families enjoying God’s best!
While we have not missed a single Sunday of in-person services since May
31st, we are celebrating moving back inside on November 1st.  We totally
enjoyed being in our beautiful garden area.  The fresh cool breeze, the
sunshine and shade through the trees and the wonderful blessing of being out
in the open all added to our times of worship! 

The time change on October 31 and the approaching autumn season have nudged
us back in, but we have learned a lot about conducting services inside and
out!!!  We didn’t lose a beat, and we now have a top-notch “livestream team”
with true state-of-the-art camera and sound equipment (thanks Emma)!

Just wait until you see all the new equipment, the new lighting, the new
camera booth, the new chandeliers and the new paint job!!!  (Thanks to Rod,
David, Dennis, Ed, Bobby, Lady O and many others for their “hands-on” work).

A special thanks must go out to so many of you that stayed faithful with
your tithes and offerings.  You are wonderful examples of God’s economy at

We will start our service at 9:45 am.  This is a different starting time for
us because we are planning for the future, and soon we will be having
multiple services, including one in Spanish!  The GSC (God Seekers Class)
Bible study will continue via Zoom on Tuesday, but we expect to restart
“live Bible study” very soon.  We will incorporate the Zoom group into the
live group.  We have many that live far, work late or are challenged health
wise and this allows them to stay involved. 

Join us on the 1st of November.  Come ready to share testimonies of what God
has done for you during this time of quarantine/lockdown.  I will be sharing
with you just how amazing our God is!  How He expanded our CCC footprint
during a time of lockdown.  He is the God of abundance, and like the song
says, He “never stops working.”   

Mark your calendars, be on time, and come ready to celebrate.

Remember Psalms 91!!!  It is as true today as it ever has been.

I count you twice,