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Sunday Service – 10:30am

Our worship team opens service at 10:30am, as we seek to draw as a body of believers beyond simply singing a song, into a more spiritual and life transforming communion with God.

Worship is followed by an inspiring and educational teaching from our Pastor George Ramirez.

Individual prayer is available for anyone in need following the service.

Regularly Scheduled Activities

Potluck Fellowship – First 3 Sunday’s of each month after Service

Following service we stay to share a meal together to emulate the early church as described in Acts 2. Everyone is invited to share their their favorite dish, side, desert, or whatever you want to bring.  All are welcome!

Men’s and Women’s Bible Study – Tuesdays 6:45pm-8:45pm.

There is a small potluck beforehand so please bring your favorite dish to share! Pastor George Ramirez leads the men’s study and his wife Lady O leads the women’s.

Sunday School – Sunday morning’s after worship.

Following Sunday morning worship (approx. 11:00 a.m.) kids please join Miss Olivia in the Kid’s Room.

Youth Bible Study – Sunday morning’s after communion.

Just before Pastor George dives into the teaching for the day, our wonderful youth leaders Hugo and Kim Alvarez take the youth out for a specialized Bible study to help them undersatdn God’s Word and how to develop their own personal relationship with God. Their entertaining and engaging style keeps the kids coming back for more.  Our fellowship is blessed to have Hugo and Kim on the team!

Monthly Prayer Walk – First Saturday of each month 9:30-11:30am

Join us as we pray for specific parts of San Pedro each months.  We meet at Friendship Park and begin with a word of prayer, then drive to the chosen location to blanket the building/facility/area with prayer while walking around it.

Meet at Friendship Park
1805 West 9th St

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